Multimedia Repository
KORA makes data management easier. Watch the video for a brief overview of what KORA is and what it can do. All you need to run KORA is PHP, MySQL, and Apache. KORA installs in less that 5 minutes. KORA has fine-grained permissions. KORA can be extended via new plugins. KORA is great for creating complex and diverse digital objects. KORA lets you link data together.

KORA can...

Input data from diverse sources

KORA has a flexible input model allowing data from text, images, other files (pdf, tiff, png, doc, etc).

Create custom input forms easily

KORA has many presentation options for use during input, tailored by the user.

Data integrity

KORA makes sure the files you input into the system don't change.

Use for multiple projects & purposes

KORA has a built in permission system to define what projects and what actions in a project users are allowed to access.